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As your Celebrant

I bring laughter, sweet moments but playful vibes to your ceremony.  I will create the right atmosphere and build the energy for what will continue on your wedding day and your guests will believe you had a friend marry you!

My style is relaxed, natural and fun. Being serious and trying to force styles isn’t my thing so what you see you will get!

I will write and deliver you a ceremony that 100% mirrors you as a couple. A completely written from scratch, sentimental and fun ceremony – a celebration of your love FILLED with all the feels!!

The Hunter Valley Celebrant Ashley Ogle

I VALUE connection.

I THRIVE while bringing joy to others.

My FAVOURITE part about being a celebrant is telling your love story that NOT ONLY makes you both feel incredible - but sets everyone up to be ready for an INCREDIBLE celebration following!

Being your celebrant is about me officiating a beautiful ceremony that honours your journey together through a three sided love story, losing the “traditionally boring” marriage bits, ticking the legal bits and REALLY making the ceremony a TRUE CELEBRATION of your LOVE.

My job is to take all of the pressure off when it comes to the preparation of your ceremony and on site at the ceremony – which means you get to relax (as much as you can) and be completely present in the moment.

Picture me as your professional hype girl who shows up well presented and COMPLETLEY in the know, ready to get things done just as you've imagined. 

I guarantee your ceremony will be relaxed, sentimental, personal, lighthearted and full of good vibes!! ​

If you're after a theatrical ceremony with a celebrant that will "put on a show", I'm not your lady! 

I'm confident in my ability to bring people together, make them feel good, create beautiful experiences, tell relatable stories and come up with quick solutions if you ever need them.


I love to befriend you well before your ceremony (but not in a weird way :p). Building a connection between one another helps me to better understand you as a couple – see how you interact as a couple, identify what make you both unique and then create a unique script (written from scratch) that will be SURE to set yours, friends and families hearts on fire...​

My Very Own
Little Love Story.

Back in 2010, I found myself mixing drinks as a bar chick, serving the locals with laughter and zest. Little did I know, a certain someone would waltz into that bar with his friend, Anthony. Anthony was always so incredibly nice, and fate kept finding ways for our paths to cross. Anthony's mate just so happened to be dating my bestie, and that's where our story truly began!
Fast forward to over VERY own Wedding date of October 31st, 2015—cue high fives and the exchanging of vows—it was as we were on the Blue Room boat on Sydney Harbour that WE sailed into our happily ever after. With 90 of our nearest and dearest, it was an magical night, a celebration of love that twinkled against the stunning backdrop of the harbor lights, and booming fireworks. That very year, we packed our bags and hearts and relocated from Richmond, NSW, to (what I cheekily refer to it as) gods country, The Hunter Valley—a move that reshaped my world entirely!

Since then, our lives have been a whirlwind of adventures. Together, we've built the home of our dreams, explored overseas, and been blessed with our two precious little girls, Sydney and Ryley. Life has been a joyous rollercoaster, brimming with moments that have filled our hearts to the brim.

Anthony and I have weathered storms and danced in the rain, experiencing life's peaks and valleys. Yet, standing side by side, our love has only grown stronger. They say, 'Marriage is not a destination, but a journey,' and in our eight years together, we've embraced change, evolving not only as a couple but also as individuals. It's the constant communication, learning, and growth that keep the flames of our love burning bright.

When I'm not crafting ceremonies as a Celebrant, you'll find me basking in the great outdoors with my family—be it the sandy shores of the beach, visiting family back down in the Hawkesbury and Canberra or hitting the road for an adventure for a weekend getaway in our 1974 Franklin Caravan (SO MUCH FUN)... Quality time speaks volumes to my heart.

I too have a deep love for sharing good times amongst friends and family, belting out a tune in the car, a spontaneous sing-along, and dancing like no one's watching—especially in the kitchen while having my morning coffee with my precious girls!

Now that you know a bit about me, if your gut tells you, PLEASE reach out.

Ash xx

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