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Love notes from my past loves

Trust is the first step to love

- Munshi Prechand

It's hard to believe someones word when you don't know them, so I hope these little love notes from my past couples can help you trust your decision in reaching out and considering me to be your Celebrant. 

As I'm not one to talk myself up (cringe lol), I'm beyond grateful for all my little love notes and here are some I wish to share.

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B&M Review

As a celebrant she is the perfect mirror - she sought to truly understand us as a couple and wrote a beautiful ceremony that was reflective of us and our personalities.


The ceremony Ash crafted for us was as heartwarming as it was lighthearted, with the perfect amount of laughs and tears. She carefully curated our love story and set a magical mood for our wedding day. I will admit at first, we were one of those couples who focused more on the reception, but I can honestly say our ceremony was the highlight of our wedding.

Ash is meticulously organised and on top of the paperworks, filings, etc. AKA the actual legal marriage part - she made sure we didn’t have to worry about a thing, and we had our official marriage certificate back before we could blink the stars out of our eyes.

Andrew and Ronnie | Redleaf, Wollombi


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