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You're getting married...

And now your looking to book a Celebrant and start to think about planning your Wedding Ceremony...

What if you got more than you expected?

How does this sound?

You've invested in a Celebrant that PROVIDES a ceremony that is written from scratch, one of a kind, and encapsulates your unique journey together (I call this your Love Story). A ceremony that opens everyone up to all the emotions like laughing, crying (happy tears), shock, surprise but calm and relaxed...

A ceremony that turns out to be the highlight of your wedding which will have your guests fooled we have been friends for years!


I AM and known to be this Celebrant for you. Over the past couple of years of doing what I do best, I have gained alot of knowledge, confidence and understanding and have a down to earth approach on how I get things done.


I'll take care of EVERYTHING from the legal paperwork, ensuring we meet any deadlines so all you have to do is have a fun, enjoyable, comfortable and relaxed experience with me as your Celebrant you're about to get to know and book - me ;-)


Why I became a Celebrant.

I'm a born nurturer so being a Celebrant feels natural to me... But it was actually my besties hubby who planted the seed... And here we are!​ 

Package Options

Your Ceremony should set the tone for your wedding day...

From my wealth of experience as a Celebrant I have gained alot of knowledge and I am confident in my ability to ensure your ceremony is a highlight of your Wedding Day! 

As a celebrant she is the perfect mirror - she sought to truly understand us as a couple, and wrote a beautiful ceremony that was reflective of us and our personalities.


Click the link below, spill all the beans and I will be in touch.

North Rothbury NSW 2335, Australia

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