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Madeline & Lachlan's Redleaf Wollombi Wedding

You're getting married...

How would it feel to trust that your celebrant will help calm your nerves, is confident in their experience and delivery, can bring together a heartfelt and memorable ceremony that will give you a lasting experience from your wedding day? 
I am known to be this celebrant for you; crafting a lighthearted, romantic, emotionally engaging ceremony that you, your friends and family have continued to talk about AFTER your wedding day. 


Picture this, you've got me as your celebrant who PROVIDES a ceremony that is written from scratch, one of a kind, and encapsulates your unique journey together (I call this your Love Story). A ceremony that opens everyone up to all the emotions like laughing, crying (happy tears), shock, surprise but calm and relaxed...

A ceremony that turns out to be the highlight of your wedding which will have your guests fooled we have been friends for years!


Over the past couple of years of doing what I do best, I have gained alot of knowledge, confidence and understanding and have a down to earth approach on how I get things done. Check out my reviews - I've been TOLD I'm this celebrant...


I'll take care of EVERYTHING from the legal paperwork, come completely prepared to be able to tell your tale with my wireless Bose S1 PA and ensure we've met any deadlines; so, all you have to do is trust me, have a fun and feel confident with your experience with me as your Celebrant...

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Why I became a Celebrant.

I'm a born nurturer so being a Celebrant feels natural to me... But it was actually my besties hubby who planted the seed... And here we are!​ 
As a celebrant she is the perfect mirror - she sought to truly understand us as a couple, and wrote a beautiful ceremony that was reflective of us and our personalities.


Click the link below, spill all the beans and I will be in touch.

North Rothbury, NSW | 0421 411 212

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