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First, let me take you through the process

With over 2 and a half years experience and over 180 couples married, I have continually improved and changed the way I do things to ensure your ceremonies are engaging and memorable.

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1. Fill out my contact form and share AS MUCH detail with me if you'd like to know my prices & availability. Sharing as much info as possible helps me to get a glimpse of who you are as a couple and how I can best serve you.

2. We will catch up over a casual video or phone chat (I may or may not be in my pajamas) to see if we are the right fit for one another. I can cover off a little more detail about the process and you can ask any burning questions.

3. If we gel, I will send through a pick and choose quote, you will then receive your contract and an invoice with directions on how to pay (via Bank transfer or Credit Card). Once your contract is signed and your non-refundable booking fee has been paid (your deposit), the date is yours and we're ready to get you married. 

4. Don't stress, I will prompt you when it is time to start the legal paper trail, starting with completing your NOIM (Notice of intent to Marry)


6. You will receive direction on helping me bring together your Ceremony (incl love Story & vows), a detailed guide for bringing together your Vows and we will organise a date + time to have our planning meeting.

7. We meet up over a cheeky drink or coffee at my favourite Cafe to sign your NOIM, discuss your ceremony and start to bring it all together. You will leave pretty excited by this stage!

8. ITS YOUR WEDDING DAY - I will come find where you're hiding the day of your ceremony to sign your Declaration of No Legal Impediment, calm any nerves and maybe even have a champagne while we're at it.

9. Stand together, hold one another's hands and relax, as I share the most BEAUTIFUL love story of all time - YOURS!


11. After helping your photographer, ensuring you are hydrated with a beverage (that includes water :p) and you're completely comfortable for me to hand over to the MC; after giving you a big cuddle, I'll skip home to my family.


12.Within the next 48 hours I will register your marriage and send you an email to wrap everything, up incl info on how I order your Marriage Certificate from Births Deaths and Marriages which they will send straight to your door.


13. Strap in and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of married life - it's the best!!

Which Experience Do You Choose?
Madeline & Lachlan's Wedding Photos-501.jpg
The Ultimate Experience Package

You're the couple who REALLY want to celebrate your love and would love to be taken on a journey from when you met, what you've shared, the milestones/achievements, and all the feelings and emotions that have brewed between you, bringing you together - READY, to be married!

I LOVE hearing your story to bring together what I call your own little love story, that I KNOW you're going to love - It's the perfect way to CELEBRATE your love!


Imagine this, you're holding your one and Only's hand's and listening to the most BEAUTIFUL story, that YOU both created!


Sounds exciting hey!? Then this is the ceremony for you!

AN UNEXPECTED HIGHLIGHT on your wedding day. Non-traditional, completely personalised, legalities covered, laughs, tears and definitely a whole lot of good vibes!!!! 

This ceremony will be sure to set the tone for your wedding and leave your hearts on fire, wanting to experience your tale all over again!

A Taste Of A Ceremony 

Laura and Braydon are two genuine down to earth people who had a love story they wanted to share themselves, through their vows.

So for me to bring together the ceremony they were after, we caught up, ran over all the ideas and options so I could understand what words they wanted me to share that meant something to them. I changed it all up by changing some words so it from the guest point of view it felt authentic to them and not a standard script...

For their super sweet but short love story I got to include, we focused on their exciting but (for Braydon) disappointing proposal!

You have to check it out to see what I mean :p

We had fun and used their "pet peeves" as part of the traditional asking and wrapped it up with the exchange of their rings!

For more videos check out my youtube channel.

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